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Casa do Arco Apartment / ArquitecturaViva

7 hours 24 minutes ago

The apartment, located in one of the most emblematic squares of the city of Leiria, Praça Rodrigues Lobo, is on a corner lot within the historic core of the city in a building of 4 floors that have been completely remodeled, and the top attic floor, is where the apartment is located.

Susanna Moreira

Kokedama Forest Installation / Nomad Studio

9 hours 24 minutes ago

The ephemeral installation, a 1,000 SQF miniature sculptural forest consisting of more than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas nested within an inverted dome carved out from a fragile and intricate metal network, has received exceptional recognition from both the audience and the organization.

Pilar Caballero

Hannington Road House / Matthew Giles Architects

11 hours 24 minutes ago

Creating a series of indoor and outdoor experiences that blend expansive space and an unconventional sectional arrangement, Matthew Giles Architects have reimagined a Victorian townhouse in a way that adds in everyday delight. Situated in Clapham Old Town the design reorders the ground and first floor layouts and adds a new open-plan kitchen and living space beneath an expansive 2-storey void. On entry to the house, the young family is given immediate axial views through the extended building footprint to the kitchen and main living space. The generously proportioned entrance gives way to the dining area which links together the front reception room and the kitchen.

Andreas Luco

ODA Imagines the Future of the Streets of New York, Introducing Public/Private Spaces and a New Pedestrian Experience

13 hours 54 minutes ago

ODA has just launched its latest project, an urban vision for the future of the streets of New York. The project titled Beyond the street- Reimagining the flower district proposes to transform a city block from the outside in, altering the pedestrian experience and introducing new zoning changes that would give landowners air rights or tax credits in exchange for handing over their inner courtyards to be transformed into public/private spaces.

Christele Harrouk

Casa Ballena Art Center / RIMA Design Group

14 hours 24 minutes ago

Casa Ballena is an art center designed for a Mexican artist who was looking to create a studio for Mexican and international artists, immersing them in the most unique experience in Los Cabos.

Pilar Caballero

Passive Ventilation, Shade, and Unique Aesthetics: 3 Case Studies of Perforated Enclosures

15 hours 9 minutes ago

Perforated wall panels offer a variety of benefits: they can provide passive ventilation, shade, and unique aesthetics to any façade. In the case of companies like Dri-Design, which specializes in customizable and sustainable metal wall panels, perforated panels can be produced according to a wide variety of specifications, including different colors, materials, sizes, textures, shapes, and styles of perforation. Dri-Design’s perforated imaging series even allows architects to apply images onto their facades by varying the size, location, and density of the perforations.

Lilly Cao

AMO Brings a Version of Countryside Exhibition At the United Nations Headquarters

15 hours 54 minutes ago

OMA's research and publication branch AMO has taken over the fences of the United Nations Headquarters in New York for a public exhibition showcasing a follow-up of the 2020 Countryside, The Future project. Curated by Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, director of AMO, Countryside at the United Nations, invites reflection and public discussion on the topics of agricultural innovation, ecological change and food production in anticipation of the UN Food Systems Summit taking place in September 2021.

Andreea Cutieru

Scientists Create First Global Atlas of Urban Microorganisms

16 hours 24 minutes ago

“If you gave me your shoe, I could tell you with about 90% accuracy the city in the world from which you came,” says Christopher Mason, Ph.D., a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, NY, co-author of the first global atlas of urban microorganisms. The study, carried out by the international Metagenomics and Metadesign of Subways and Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) consortium, creates a map of the microbiome of some of the largest cities in the world.

Romullo Baratto

MVRDV Designs Harbour Experience Centre for the Port of Rotterdam

16 hours 54 minutes ago

MVRDV has revealed the design of an exhibition and visitor centre for the Port of Rotterdam, which would tell the story of Europe’s largest port. Scheduled to open in 2024, The Harbour Experience Centre features a stack of five rotated exhibition spaces framing views of the surroundings, and outdoor staircases wrapped around the structure provide visitors with a route up the various terraces and to the rooftop. The project is the successor of FutureLand, a temporary information centre from 2009, whose success prompted the creation of a permanent exhibition.

Andreea Cutieru

Charles and Ray Eames: The Designers Who Shaped the Course of Modernism

17 hours 24 minutes ago

Charles (June 17, 1907 – August 21, 1978) and Ray Eames (December 15, 1912 – August 21, 1988) are best known for their personal and artistic collaboration and their innovative designs that shaped the course of modernism. Their firm worked on a diverse array of projects, with designs for exhibitions, furniture, houses, monuments, and toys. Together they developed manufacturing processes to take advantage of new materials and technology, aiming to produce high-quality everyday objects at a reasonable cost. Many of their furniture designs are considered contemporary classics, particularly the Eames Lounge & Shell Chairs, while the Eames House is a seminal work of architectural modernism.

Editorial Team

Three Adaptive Reuse Projects in North Carolina Reinvent Historic Mills

17 hours 54 minutes ago

Adaptive reuse or the process of transforming an older building by reusing the structure and changing its original purpose, has gained relevance over the years especially because it allows a complete optimization of the performance of the existing built environment. In a piece, originally published on Metropolis, author Elissaveta Brandon explores how "architects and developers are transforming the staples of the South—located throughout a 120-mile region from Winston-Salem to Fayetteville—into infrastructure fit for today". Transforming historic mills into design hubs, and mixed-use complexes, the article highlights 3 examples from North Carolina.

Elissaveta M. Brandon

Fold House / Partisans

18 hours 24 minutes ago

The site is located in a protected natural habitat; Working with environmental and conservation authorities on the project was a challenge but also an inspiration for the project. Building such a structure with a hidden beam ninety feet long and a cantilevered green roof was one design challenge. The second was the cradle and stair in a thin shell steel structure. Getting permits and then getting through the engineering and materiality challenges of the noted architectural elements were a huge relief to achieve at the level we did. We are really happy and proud of the outcomes. 

Paula Pintos

RAAS Chhatrasagar Hotel / Studio Lotus

19 hours 24 minutes ago

The fourth in the series of boutique hospitality destinations by Walled City Hotels, RAAS Chhatrasagar is located near the historic town of Nimaj, Rajasthan. Chhatrasagar is an artificial lake that formed a hundred years ago when a local Rajput chieftain created an embankment across a tributary to the Luni. A lush green belt along the dam walls has come to form over the years due to the embankment, attracting migratory birds.

Hana Abdel

Terrace House / DREAMER

20 hours 24 minutes ago

Terrace House 1 is a two-story rear addition to an existing terrace house driven by the desire for connectedness to family, the outdoors, and the creation of a retreat for a frontline medical worker, often required to work nights.

Paula Pintos

Yitingting Cottage / genarchitects

21 hours 24 minutes ago

Yitingting Cottage is located in Tonglu, Zhejiang. Started in 2019, this building functions as an individual drawing room and a dining room for a rural complex. Originally on the site was a two-story folk house made of rammed earth. According to the site conditions, the newly built cannot go beyond the original footprint and height. That means the new building can only be the size of a normal living room. Blocked on all sides, it has little access to scenery, with not too much design potential. Given such a small space, what else can we think of? Village style? Structural expression? Façade mannerism? Furniture selection? It took us some time to realize that it is the wall of the courtyard that is the real boundary of our feelings. We do not merely make the room facing the courtyard, but tried to bring the garden inside as part of the drawing-room.

Yu Xin Li

Meals on Wheels SA Head Office / JPE Design Studio

23 hours 24 minutes ago

The Meals on Wheels SA Head Office brings together administrative, office and commercial kitchen functions together in a consolidated cook and chill facility. Representing the expansion and modernisation of Meals on Wheels South Australia, this new two storey commercial building expresses a sense of warmth, openness, and approachability that reflects the heart of this non-for-profit organisation. With a rich history dating back to 1954, it was important for this building to showcase the significance of Meals on Wheels and their role in serving the community.

Hana Abdel

Casa Bianca / The Grid Architects

1 day 1 hour ago

Casa Bianca, literally, the white house, is tranquil home set in urban Ahmedabad. The home holistically integrates light, air, greenery, materials and views, through an architectural vocabulary that emanates serenity and harmony. The house is on a corner plot and sits alongside the internal road of a gated community, overlooking the landscape. The land was surrounded by existing mature trees on the periphery, which were left untouched. The built volume and the layout design is ruled by the sun path integrating and allowing the free flow of natural light and air.

Andreas Luco

Casa del Limonero / Taller Estilo Arquitectura

1 day 3 hours ago

The Casa del Limonero is a house on two floors; compositionally divided into two clear sections: the first area is where the main access from the street is located, occupied by a pre-existing construction and a rear one, with the bedrooms and central courtyard, which has different programs: terrace, pool and connections to the new building. It also serves as a hall because it contains the landing of the staircase and access to the rear bedrooms.

Daniela Cruz
1 hour 51 minutes ago
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