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Estuari Sport Complex / archicentre

6 hours 11 minutes ago

The Estuari Sports Centre is a new sports facility. Arranged over two levels, the building is formed by two large open volumes at lower ground and upper levels, which sandwich a transparent see-through public entry space

Valeria Silva

Lavender House / iHouse estudio

8 hours 11 minutes ago

In a void area of a consolidated neighborhood, the owners of this land, cautiously begin to form this garden isolated from the surroundings and full of vegetation, directly connected with de center of the block.  Particularly, the land was full of lavender from the beginning and consequently, the main idea was to maintain the land as it was.

Pilar Caballero

FE House / N2B Arquitetura

10 hours 11 minutes ago

FE House is located in Ribeirão Preto, inland São Paulo. The idea of ​​the project was to create a house and a refuge at the same time. Based on this idea, the challenge was to design contemporary lines, with sophisticated materials while also capturing the essence of a home. The program was solved on a ground floor and has social areas integrated with leisure spaces. The kitchen and laundry are separate from these areas, but they allow access to the intimate area that has four suites. In addition, the changing room and technical area are isolated from the main floor, having underground access to the side of the pool.

Pilar Caballero

Agristo Headquarters / OYO

12 hours 11 minutes ago

How do you create a future-proof corporate HQ for hundreds of employees, a car park, and a new green space on a fairly modest plot of land? In 2018 OYO won the pitch (and is nominated for the BREEAM EXCELLENT accreditation) by asking and answering this question for Agristo, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of potato products in the world.

Luciana Pejić

Straw Chapel / Kollektiiv

14 hours 11 minutes ago

The 'Straw Chapel' is a pavilion that values sustainable building methods and materials, communal activities, a do-it-yourself attitude, and spending time outdoors. By providing a space for holding events, workshops, or simply resting on a long walk, the pavilion connects the locals and the everyday commuters from the Pollinator Highway. The chapel was partially built during an experimental workshop involving the local community. 

Andreas Luco

Striking a Balance: The Dilemma in Heritage Cities

16 hours 41 minutes ago

Subject to the forces of capital, migrating populations, and political circumstances, our planet’s cities are constantly evolving. This continuous evolution is evident in the built fabric of settlements, as architects and planners build upon layers of the built environment, with some having the strenuous task of having to integrate the historic urban areas of cities successfully with contemporary architectural interventions and systems. 

Matthew Maganga

Wraxall Yard / Clementine Blakemore Architects

17 hours 11 minutes ago

Wraxall Yard is a sensitively restored dairy farm in Dorset offering inclusive holiday accommodation, a community space, a workshop, and an educational smallholding. The site forms part of a 250-acre organic farm within the West Dorset AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), which is transitioning to a regenerative agricultural system. Driven by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with farming and wildlife, the brief called for an ambitious renovation of the derelict site that would provide exemplary standards of accessibility and sustainability, without compromising the unique historic and agricultural character of the existing buildings.

Valeria Silva

Multi-Use Public Spaces and Urban Design: Copenhagen and Social Integration

17 hours 26 minutes ago

"Life, space, buildings - in that order". This phrase, from the Danish urban architect Jan Gehl, sums up the changes that Copenhagen has undergone in the last 50 years. Currently known as one of the cities with the highest levels of quality of life satisfaction, the way its public spaces and buildings were and are designed have inspired architects, government authorities and urban planners around the world. What we see today, however, is the result of courageous decision-making, much observation and, above all, designs that put people first. Copenhagen will be the UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture in 2023 as well as host of the UIA World Congress of Architects due to its strong legacy in innovative architecture and urban development, along with its concerted efforts in matters of climate, sustainability solutions and livability.

Eduardo Souza

Meinhard von Gerkan, Founding Partner of gmp Architects, Passes Away at the Age of 87

17 hours 41 minutes ago

Meinhard von Gerkan, founder of von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects (gmp), and one of the most influential German architects, passed away in Hamburg at the age of 87, on November 30, 2022. With a worldwide contribution to the field of architecture, in his 50 years of career, von Gerkan has created one of the largest practices in Germany, with 600 employees in seven locations. University professor and a critic, the architect together with gmp, has completed more than 500 projects all over the world.

Christele Harrouk

Farouche Tremblant / Atelier l'Abri

18 hours 11 minutes ago

Set against Mont-Tremblant National Park, and nestled within the Devil’s River valley, the Farouche agrotourism site offers a singular and unique concept for the Laurentians region of Quebec. Making the most of the natural and untamed qualities of the territory of almost one hundred acres, the project combines a Nordic farm, a café-bar, four-season micro-refuges, and an outdoor basecamp.

Paula Pintos

Foster + Partners Wins Competition for King Salman International Airport in Saudi Arabia

18 hours 36 minutes ago

Foster + Partners has been announced as the winner of the competition to design the new King Salman International Airport in Riyadh. Saudi culture and identity drive the airport's architectural design to ensure a unique travel experience for visitors and transit travelers. The master plan will boost Saudi Arabia's capital as a global logistics hub, stimulate transport, trade, and tourism, and act as a bridge connecting 180 million passengers from East to West.

Paula Cano

Artificial Lighting Tips to Improve the Kitchen Space

19 hours 11 minutes ago

Over time, the kitchen has ceased to be considered only as a workspace and became a meeting and leisure area. For many, it is the heart of the home. Therefore, it is necessary to design an ambiance that can help when preparing dishes and also bring comfort during a gathering with friends and family.

ArchDaily Team

N290 NIU House / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

21 hours 11 minutes ago

The NIU project arose as a way to innovate on construction systems, seeking to increase precision in the materialization of architecture and, through these solutions, to improve the quality of human environments, making them more sustainable and healthier.

Agustina Coulleri

Dr. Funk Holiday House / Kebler Plescher Architekten

22 hours 11 minutes ago

Driving from Anklam to Usedom and turning left just before the bridge, following the signs to Wangelkow along very sandy forest paths, you will find your way to the Pinnower See. Hidden behind the trees, a small thatched house stands directly on the shore. Built in 1958 by its namesake, the house now serves as the holiday home of Dr. Funk for his grandchildren.

Paula Pintos

A Rural Art Studio / Jumping House Lab

23 hours 11 minutes ago

Lifting the Four Corners of the Rooftop. Imagine a two-story house, with its four rooftop corners lifted up. More light is let in; the height of interior space becomes indefinite – some rooms are two stories high, some one and a half, and some close to the top ceiling are only half story high, and these spaces naturally transform into a living room, an art studio, a loggia, or an attic… The roof, defined by four curves, transforms into a patio featuring a double-curved structure, just like a courtyard opening up towards the sky. People can get together here on a clear summer night to enjoy the bright moon and the cool; on a wet day, this is also where rain gathers and gets drained out of the house from four waterspouts.

Collin Chen

Spline House / Daisuke Ibano, Ryosuke Fujii

1 day ago

This is a housing project for a married couple and their children, located on the edge of a quiet residential area. The site was developed after the 1970 Osaka Expo during a period of high economic growth and has always been empty of any buildings. The west side is adjacent to the forest that is part of a lively community park which provides a sense of being connected to nature through the whole house. The main challenge was to make sure to build a harmonious relationship with the surrounding greenery.

Clara Ott

Caishi Campus of Jinan Licheng No. 2 Middle School / TONG YUAN DESIGN

1 day 2 hours ago

Origin. Established in 1958, Jinan Licheng No. 2 Middle School has grown from a typical rural middle school to a well-known Qilu school as the condensation of the educational culture amid China's economic and social progress. Planning on the Caishi campus began in early 2020. Because the campus is located at the foot of Hu Mountain, the good natural ecological environment and humanistic environment inspired us to consider designing a green and low-tech campus that can integrate into nature.

Collin Chen
21 seconds ago
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