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How Los Angeles is Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis

8 hours 12 minutes ago

Cities in the United States are short of millions of housing units. Compounded by other factors, this shortage is radically increasing the cost of both renting and buying houses. Los Angeles is no exception; with 74% of its land zoned exclusively for single-family homes, multifamily housing construction is limited to an extremely small swath of the city, making the construction of new affordable housing difficult. Complex multi-year permit approval processes often make these projects even less feasible.

Carla Bonilla Huaroc

Espina Pavilion / Emiliano Domínguez + Santiago Martínez

8 hours 42 minutes ago

Espina emerges from the synergy of different elements that interact to achieve structural and visual balance. It is a pavilion without a defined program, serving the sole purpose of providing shade and directing views toward the horizon. With a minimal footprint of only 21 sqm of built area, Espina offers a panoramic view of three hundred and sixty degrees, connecting the user with the mountain landscape.

Pilar Caballero

Japanese Architecture Offices Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

9 hours 12 minutes ago

Continuing his work exploring the office spaces of architecture studios from around the world, Archmospheres photographer Marc Goodwin has reached Japan, where he captured the workspace of architecture studios such as Kengo Kuma & Associates, Tato Architects, Akihisa Hirata, and Nori Architects. Collaborating with Marc Goodwin, architect, and writer Samuel Michaëlsson traveled to Japan in the autumn of 2019 to interview the participants, resulting in a series of videos that further developed the exploration.

Maria-Cristina Florian

Stour House / Facit Homes

9 hours 42 minutes ago

As the site is set within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, it was clear that the new home would need to be an exemplary piece of contemporary architecture that was sensitive and responsive to its location to secure planning approval. As a practice that designs & builds - Facit Homes uses Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Deploying their unique  Facit MicroFactory™ directly onto the site to fabricate and assemble the engineered wood components that form the integral high-performance chassis of the home. 

Andreas Luco

Hariri Pontarini Architects Transforms Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

10 hours 12 minutes ago

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto will undergo an architectural transformation designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects. As one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada, the architects have transformed its ground floor and the Bloor Street entrance, introducing an interior plaza “pulsing with activity and artistic expression.” Dubbed OpenROM, this multifaceted endeavor aims to “open the museum up even more to the public,” revolutionizing the museum experience and making it more accessible for the 1.4 million annual visitors of the cultural institution.

Nour Fakharany

ShineMaker Residence / CLB Architects

12 hours 42 minutes ago

A series of undulating tectonic structures set against an aspen grove near Wilson, Wyoming, this mountain home serves as a creative retreat for a California-based couple. The 35-acre property is set at the base of the Tetons and encompasses several ecosystems, with old-growth forests merging into stands of young pine and aspen trees before transitioning into rolling meadows. The homeowners, authors who also own and manage an independent record label out of Mill Valley, California, were looking for a nature-oriented outpost in Wyoming in which to pursue their writing practice.

Andreas Luco

Fieldhouse Sports Hall / MoDusArchitects

13 hours 42 minutes ago

With the Fieldhouse project, architecture office MoDusArchitects inserts a new material milestone into the South Tyrolean landscape with inclusive spaces dedicated to sports and recreation. Located in the small town of Laghetti (Egna Municipality, Bolzano) nearby the riverbanks of the Adige river, the building sits at the foothills of Mount Corno whose natural reserve park forms a dramatic backdrop to the sports facility.

Paula Pintos

Greenhouse Technology in Architecture: Building Bright Spaces for the Future

14 hours 12 minutes ago

Greenhouses are elegant and ingenious structures that incorporate simplicity in design while creating light-filled spaces that shape indoor climates. With walls and roofs composed mainly of transparent or translucent materials, these structures harness solar energy to create a controlled environment. As advances in materials and environmental management progress, they can seamlessly be integrated into architectural designs, offering innovative solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics. Beyond their original role in plant cultivation, they have evolved into projects that emphasize sustainability, education, and conservation. At their core, they offer experiences of exploration and discovery, showcasing the intricate relationship between sunlight, plants, and indoor environments.

Eduardo Souza

House H / Shinsuke Fujii Architects

14 hours 42 minutes ago

This residence features a white exterior that blends into the quiet streetscape, and an open space design that enhances family bonds. The overlapping triple-layered roof reflects the daily expressions of the sky, while light from the south creates a warm ambiance.

Hana Abdel

Botton Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre / Sachin Agshikar

15 hours 42 minutes ago

In the year 2007, the Champalimaud Foundation took the initiative to build the Cancer Research Centre on a beautiful site in Lisbon along the River Tagus. It was designed by noted Indian architect Charles Correa. By the time the Foundation decided to build a hospital for the cure of pancreatic cancer next to the Cancer Research Centre fourteen years later, Charles Correa had passed away. They approached architect Sachin Agshikar from Mumbai, who had worked closely with Correa for eighteen years and served as his associate at the Research Centre. Agshikar was hired to conceptualize the overall building design alongside the US-based firm HDR for the internal planning, and Joao Nuno Laranjo from Portugal as the local architect.

Hana Abdel

Siri Residence / Design Kacheri

19 hours 42 minutes ago

Siri is a tropical oasis cut away from the hustle and bustle of the tech city of Bengaluru. Located in Karishma hills, with a beautiful layout on the fringes of the Turahalli forest, the site was the perfect locale for this with its majestic teak, mango, and coconut trees. These trees and the gentle topography of the site were also the perfect starting point for the design. The house is designed as a seamless extension of the natural landscape - respecting, enhancing, and celebrating the existing vegetation while creating a luxurious and sustainable living environment. The structure is positioned to maximize natural light and ventilation while minimizing the impact on the existing trees.

Hana Abdel


21 hours 42 minutes ago

This is an Interior design project for the relocation of the new office building of KYOYA Corporation, which is a long-established company founded in 1928 that provides promotion, interior design, and display services. This project site is located in an area dotted with fashion brand offices, a short walk from JR Harajuku Station in the Sendagaya direction. The project utilizes an existing building with one basement floor and three stories above ground. The building was originally a vocational school and was converted into office space, a showroom, and rental space.

Hana Abdel

K House / Mayresse Arquitetura

1 day 1 hour ago

Three overlapping volumes, built in exposed concrete, natural stone and metal structure, give life to Casa K: designed to be the temple of a family that dreamed of waking up and spending their days overlooking the sunset.

Valeria Silva

Les Perrières Residential Block / COSA

1 day 3 hours ago

The industrial city, the child of railways and automobiles, has itself given rise to a new urban form: the dense suburb. Predominantly residential, it contains detached, semi-detached, and row houses, sometimes even small, collective clusters of housing along its main roadways and intersections. For the sake of comfort, major roadways avoid cutting through such dense suburbs. Its proximity to a large city allows for other forms of mobility, whether individual (soft) or collective (public). Its density entails a maximal use of public facilities and the presence of neighborhood shops.

Valeria Silva

Hazamacho House / Tatsuya Kawamoto + Associates

1 day 5 hours ago

In the urbanization control area, rather than prohibiting the construction of buildings, we believe that building for local farmers can curb disorderly urbanization. This is a one-story house for farmers in rural areas. The aim was not to be a residence but to become a frame for farmers in this area by building it on this site surrounded by agricultural land.

Hana Abdel

How to Measure Performance for Architecture and Design Firms?

1 day 8 hours ago

The field of architecture and design is a dynamic one, often managing large-scale investments and involving a wide array of professionals. It stands to reason that, in this type of environment, success is not simply defined by just the quality of the completed structures, but also by the internal ability of architecture firms to effectively manage their business operations. For architects and designers, measuring performance goes beyond financial metrics; it encompasses a diverse range of factors that reflect the firm's efficiency, creativity, and impact within the industry.

Maria-Cristina Florian

Garu House / Estudio Tecla

1 day 8 hours ago

The main objective of the comprehensive renovation of Casa Garu was focused on transforming a typical "Casa Chorizo" into a bright and open space, where light and spaciousness became the protagonists. The priority was to eliminate the feeling of darkness and disconnection between spaces while respecting and reusing existing valuable elements.

Pilar Caballero

Snøhetta’s Expansion of the Joslyn Art Museum Set to Open in September 2024

1 day 9 hours ago

The Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska announced that the restoration and expiation works led by Snøhetta and Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture (APMA) are nearing completion, as the transformed institution is scheduled to reopen on September 10, 2024. The new 42,000-square-foot Rhonda & Howard Hawks Pavilion, designed by Snøhetta and APMA will add new gallery spaces to Nebraska’s largest art museum, becoming the centerpiece of the large-scale project for reimagining the visitor experience.

Maria-Cristina Florian
1 hour 34 minutes ago
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